“GUI’s are for losers”

Are GUI’s for losers?

I frequently encounter different viewpoints around whether it’s preferable to use a graphical user interface (GUI), or a command line interface (CLI).

Examples of GUI’s I use every day

Personally, I’ve found well-designed GUI tools to be helpful for improving my understanding of tools and platforms as well as for performing repetitive tasks.

With some practice …

Sure, with a little bit of practice I could get the requisite git cli commands into muscle memory that would allow me to eventually use the CLI just as swiftly as the GUI tools. While this may increase my geek-credibility with the CLI purists, and may be advantageous to make me more familiar with the CLI on the rare occasion where I’m forced to use the CLI due to a some lacking feature in a GUI tool, it won’t help me do my daily tasks any quicker or any more accurately.

GUI’s are like …

I guess there are some parallels between GUI and relying on automation. When we write an automation script, or adopt an automation enablement tool, the goal is always to save time by reducing the need for repetitive humdrum work, while at the same time reducing the likelihood of human error being introduced into the process.

So what is then? GUI or CLI?

With all that said, there’s also the adage — “The shortest route is the route you know”.